Trump is a threat to the whole world

Some of the statements coming out of the White House such as the idea that more countries should get nuclear weapons or that climate change is a Chinese hoax may appear deranged but actually do constitute a real threat that needs to be vigorously opposed, says KEN LIVINGSTONE.

Donald Trump’s stances on two issues — climate change and nuclear weapons — illustrate clearly how reactionary and dangerous to us all his presidency is.
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Tory rule: of the elite by the elite for the elite

A report this week found that the worsening cost of living crisis will lead to the biggest rise in inequality since Thatcher, writes Ken Livingstone.

The Resolution Foundation warned this week that falling living standards for the poor in the period ahead will threaten the biggest rise in inequality since Margaret Thatcher was prime minister.

In response, Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell commented that: “It demonstrates to us all once again that the economy under a Tory government will be rigged for those at the top with poor and middle income households facing their worst parliament for income growth for a period of time.”
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