It’s time to retake our NHS from the Tories

Labour is a government in waiting and is ready to properly fund Britain’s health, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

IN THE same week that it was revealed that the Tories are planning more sell-offs of our NHS, new research published by the Labour Party showed that nearly half of England’s maternity units closed to new mothers at some point in 2016.

With these revelations coming months after the winter crisis the Red Cross termed a “humanitarian crisis,” it seems that under Tory austerity, we now have a permanent crisis in the NHS.
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Statement from Ken Livingstone on media misrepresentation regarding comments on Venezuela

I’m very disappointed at the deliberate misreporting of my comments regarding the situation in Venezuela.

I have not said that Hugo Chávez should have killed anyone and nor would I ever advocate it. I even dispel this accusation in the very interview that is being extensively quoted.

The point I was making is that contrary to some misrepresentations, Hugo Chávez didn’t repress the former ruling elite in Venezuela and many members of the former ruling elite have stayed in the country, seeking to overthrow elected Presidents through unconstitutional and violent means (including the coup in 2002) ever since.
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