Corbyn’s Labour has the answers

Conference this week showed a rejuvenated party outlining an alternative that can both win for Labour and transform Britain, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

THIS week’s Labour Conference was the best attended, most exciting and most participatory for years. For this alone Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership team deserve great credit.

The highlight of the week for me was Corbyn’s speech. He powerfully explained that neoliberalism and the Tories’ “degraded regime has a tragic monument — the chilling wreckage of Grenfell Tower.
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House the many not the few

The dramatic rise in homelessness under the Tories is a national scandal, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

ACCORDING to the government’s spending watchdog — the National Audit Office (NAO) — homelessness is up by a staggering 134 per cent since the Tories gained power in 2010.

The figures also show that rough sleeping more than doubled since 2010.

The number of households in temporary accommodation rose by 60 per cent, now affecting 73 per cent more youngsters than in March 2011.
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Tory austerity means cost-of-living crisis is set to deepen

Tory-DUP coalition of chaos is presiding over the slowest-growing economy in the G7, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

AS PARLIAMENT returns this week, more evidence has piled up over the summer recess that the Tory-DUP coalition of chaos is failing Britain’s economy with its commitment to never-ending austerity.

Specifically, Office for National Statistics figures released last week show that household spending growth has slowed to its weakest pace for two-and-a-half years, which is yet another reflection of seven years of Tory economic failure, adding to the growing pile of evidence that their ideologically driven austerity is bad for Britain’s economy and society.
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