Statement from Ken Livingstone

“After much consideration, I have decided to resign from the Labour Party.

The ongoing issues around my suspension from the Labour Party have become a distraction from the key political issue of our time – which is to replace a Tory government overseeing falling living standards and spiralling poverty, while starving our schools and the NHS of the vital resources they need.

We live in dangerous times and there are many issues I wish to speak up on and contribute my experience from running London to, from the need for real action to tackle climate change, to opposing Trump’s war-mongering, to the need to end austerity and invest in our future here in Britain.
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We must stand together against Trump

Trump’s July visit by the US president will be opposed by the majority of people in Britain, writes Ken Livingstone.

It was recently confirmed that President Donald Trump is coming to Britain in July on a ‘working visit’ prior to a NATO summit in Europe.

Our response to this visit must be widespread opposition to Trump’s divisive and reactionary agenda, and protests are already being planned.

Since becoming president Trump has scapegoated migrants, Muslims and refugees at home — providing a distraction from his Wall Street-dominated economic policies that are failing millions in the US — while pursuing an aggressive and provocative foreign policy.
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