International solidarity is urgently needed for Brazil

Now is the time to stand with the millions of Brazilians resisting attacks on democracy and equality, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

EXTREME right-winger Jair Bolsonaro’s impending inauguration as president of Brazil from January 1 has sent shockwaves around the world.

This is a man who has said that refugees are “the scum of the Earth” and is prepared to say: “If I see two men kissing each other in the street I’ll whack them.”
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AI & robots: Virtue for humankind or useful capitalist tool?

Unless the politics of the governments around the world change, robots and AI will become the next blow to the living standards of ordinary people.
There are an increasing number of stories in the media about robots becoming a big part of our future and the need to have democratic openness overseeing the rise of internet companies. But I was stunned to read an article by Rohan Silva in the Evening Standard about the breathtaking advances in the use of robots around the world.
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Brazil’s shift from progressive socialism to the far-right: Why did this happen?

For Brazil, the world’s fourth largest democracy, to have elected the extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro is stunning.

Just a decade ago Brazil’s president Lula da Silva was one of the most progressive and strongly socialist leaders in the recent history of Latin America.

Clearly a lot has gone wrong in Brazil and people feel angry but it is still amazing that people are prepared to elect someone who says that refugees are “the scum of the earth” and is prepared to say “if I see two men kissing each other in the street I’ll whack them.”
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