Let’s ensure humanity has a future!

WE ARE QUICKLY RUNNING out of time to make the necessary steps required to prevent global warming exceeding the critical point of a 1.5 degree celsius rise. The International Panel on Climate Change has argued we have just over a decade to take the decisive action to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. We face a direct existential threat if we do not rapidly switch from fossil fuels by 2020, and a failure to do so will mean runaway climate change.
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Remembering Hugo Chávez

Rewriting history when it comes to Hugo Chávez’s role in Venezuela and Latin America’s past is part of the current US offensive for ‘regime change,’ says KEN LIVINGSTONE.

YOU won’t read about it much in those parts of the media currently arguing for war on Venezuela, but when Hugo Chávez first became president in 1999, Venezuela had endured a wave of economic and social catastrophes in the preceding two decades.

Up to seven in 10 people had been left in poverty.
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It’s not just Venezuela: Nicaragua & Cuba also on the way of American imperialism

Both historical and current experience in Central and Latin America shows the social progress and people’s rights are not things that are on the agenda of US-installed regimes.

The crisis in Central America continues to escalate. Last week, President Maduro of Venezuela released a Facebook video warning that leaders of the US empire were conspiring “to get their hands on our oil – just like they did in Iraq and in Libya.”
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Resist US regime change with words and action

Calling for the overthrow of the government of President Nicolas Maduro is a new and extremely serious development in the US’s longstanding strategy of aggression towards Venezuela, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

IN recent weeks, we have all seen how the US has been ramping up its “regime change” strategy towards Venezuela, both directly and through its right-wing proxies in the country and the region.

The thrust of the US strategy is to delegitimise the presidency of Nicolas Maduro and secure a transition to a new government led by Juan Guaido, who they and their supporters internationally have claimed is now Venezuela’s president, against all the norms of international law.
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