Coup regime represses dissent and endangers Bolivian lives

Six months on from the anti-socialist coup against Evo Morales, we need to keep up our solidarity with the people of Bolivia, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

WE recently marked six months since the military coup that removed Bolivia’s elected President, Evo Morales, from office. With the coronavirus crisis reaching the country, Bolivians continue to suffer violent repression and savage austerity measures under an illegitimate regime, which is now putting lives in danger through its response to the pandemic.
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Don’t forget to drop the debt

Now is the perfect time to highlight and confront the systems of neocolonial exploitation of developing countries by unjust loans — and we can fight the fight here in Britain, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

THE international coronavirus pandemic has shown more than ever how both in society here in Britain and in terms of different countries and continents all over the globe, we are more intertwined that ever.

In this situation, there are two possible responses.
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