Governing London from the left

They called us the ‘loony left’ but we showed the world what was possible once socialists take power even over one city, from free transport and free festivals to recognising same-sex partnerships — we need that ambition once again, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

It is hard to believe that last year marked 20 years since I became mayor of London and that this year marks 40 years since the Labour left gained the leadership of the Greater London Council (GLC).
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Privatisation chickens have come home to roost

The falling apart of the energy market is proof that nationalisation is in the best interests of the British people, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

THERE are countless ways in which the majority of people in Britain are ripped off, and there can be fewer more glaring examples than the scandalous state of the energy sector.

With the most recent government figures from 2019 already showing over three million households living in fuel poverty, we are now faced with soaring gas prices and huge numbers facing uncertainty over the future of their provider — with several having already gone bust and yet more hanging on by a thread.
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