55 years on, we still need the spirit of May 1968

Although May ’68 itself failed to deliver a revolution, the lessons of the era – alliance-building by including liberation struggles outside of socialism – shaped my later time in power, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

S this is my last regular column before May Day 2023, I thought I would take the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the 55th anniversary of May 1968, and what lessons and inspiration we can draw from that historic time for the left today.
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The sudden arrival of a cold war with China

Within a few short years we have gone from celebrating links with China to ripping up essential relationships and paving the ground for military conflict — we must now oppose Aukus and a new nuclear arms race, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

AS SOMEONE who lived through the first cold war against the Soviet Union and its allies, and who was in some important respects politically shaped by it — including in terms of my decades-long opposition to nuclear weapons — I recognise all too well the depressing signs of a new cold war against China, being fomented by the US, Britain and a handful of other countries.
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