Thatcher’s heirs are cracking down on democracy and dissent – just like she did

Wide-ranging attacks on ‘enemies within’ are reminiscent of Thatcher’s assault on the miners, GLC, and black and Irish communities in the ’80s, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

SINCE becoming politically active in the 1960s, I have seen 11 different leaders of the Conservative Party, representing various internal factions and interests.

But one thing that has been a consistent feature is a reluctance to engage in meaningful debate about the direction of the country on real issues of importance: anyone would think they’re aware that openly acknowledging their commitment to pursuing policies which leave the majority worse off to ensure the class who fund them continue getting richer is not exactly a vote-winner!
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We were pilloried for meeting Sinn Fein — but peace was the result

25 years after the Good Friday Agreement, KEN LIVINGSTONE writes about his unique, long-running role in the peace process that saw him vilified, then eventually vindicated — and salutes a future united Ireland

BACK in March this year, I met up in Camden Town with Francie Molloy. Today Molloy is the Sinn Fein MP for Mid Ulster, but when I first met him he was a councillor in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.
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