It’s time for the Tories to go

Tory failure to address the most pressing needs of the economy and society makes them unfit for office, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

BEHIND the bad jokes, gimmicks and rather meagre “giveaways” in this week’s Budget, the main story was a substantial downgrading of growth forecasts in a situation where economic growth is already currently the lowest it has been since the Tories came into office and the slowest of the major economies in the G7.
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The empire strikes back

Latin America is under threat from an increasingly aggressive Trump administration, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

FOR decades now, the US has sought to intervene and bring down progressive governments — or indeed just governments that seek to assert their national sovereignty — in Latin America, using a range of methods, from “soft coups” to military coups, from sanctions to blockades, and from international isolation to direct military action.

Any hopes that the US might become less interventionist under Donald Trump have been quickly dashed by his displays of belligerence in all directions and his apparent willingness to use military action to settle scores, as already represented by bombastic language towards Mexico when pressing ahead with his proposal to build a wall on the border, and his recent refusal to rule out military options when it comes to Venezuela.
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