We must let Donald Trump know he isn’t welcome here

Any visit to Britain, early next year, by the US president will be opposed by the majority of Britons, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

REPORTS have said in recent weeks that President Donald Trump is likely to visit Britain early next year and this seems to have been confirmed by comments from the US ambassador in London.

Any such visit is likely to see widespread opposition to Trump’s divisive and reactionary agenda and protests are already being planned.
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The Tories have pushed one in five Britons into poverty

The UK Poverty 2017 report highlights that overall 14 million people live in poverty in Britain — over 20 per cent of the population. This spiralling poverty and ever-increasing use of foodbanks show just how out of touch the Tories have become, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

Alongside even the government’s own social mobility commission resigning over the Tories’ failure to act, two different pieces of news illustrated starkly how cuts have consequences and that the longer the Tories’ austerity project goes on the clearer and more widespread these become.
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