We all lose as water companies line the pockets of shareholders

Labour’s plan to nationalise utilities is the only way forward and best evidenced by private water companies which bleed us dry.

It was recently revealed that the privatised water industry has shelled out over £13bn in dividends since 2010.

For those of us who opposed Thatcher and the Tories’ privatisation drive, including water, initiated in 1989, and the love affair of all governments with privatisation and linked policies such as PFI and outsourcing ever since, the findings may not have come as a surprise, but the findings of Labour’s recent analysis are still shocking.
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Jeremy is Right – We Don’t Need May’s ‘Review’ to Know Free Education Works

For once this week, Theresa May finally seemed to admit that the Tory Government had got something wrong, when she ordered a new education review.

But despite this week’s spin, the Tory record is clear – they have failed students and education in Britain.

They have trebled tuition fees, abolished maintenance grants and left students graduating with debts of up to £57,000.

The Prime Minister’s announcement followed the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee publishing a report on student loans, saying that the committee was “unconvinced that the interest rates currently charged on student loans can be justified on re-distributive grounds”.
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Carillion’s collapse shows the neoliberal dogma has failed

We need to bury the obsession with privatisation for good, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

CAPITA issued a profit warning this week that set alarm bells ringing across both Whitehall and the country. It was the third major outsourcing company in the last month to issue profit warnings.

The news regarding Capita was yet another illustration of how the Tory obsession with privatisation and outsourcing is failing, coming only weeks after the collapse of Carillion.
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