Rising homelessness is a national scandal

The Tories’ cuts are leading to support for the homeless being axed at the same time as rough sleeping increases, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

IT WAS revealed this week that the number of shelter beds for homeless people has dropped by almost a fifth under the Tories, with budget cuts meaning that England now has enough beds for less than half of those who need them.

With around 77,000 single people estimated to be homeless on any given night, it means that there are now only enough beds for less than half the homeless.
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Tory outsourcing and privatisation fails our railways

Only public ownership can improve Britain’s railways, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

While it has not received the mainstream media attention it deserves, developments in recent weeks and months have further shown that the Tories have no strategy for improving Britain’s railways.

In fact, their obsession with further outsourcing and privatisation means that the mistakes of the past 20 plus years are likely to be repeated yet again.

Tory Transport Secretary Chris Grayling recently announced the West Coast Partnership – this lucrative contract extension on the West Coast was remarkably offered to Virgin and Stagecoach even though the Tories recently gifted them a £2 billion bailout from the taxpayer on the East Coast.
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