The US war on democracy in Latin America

Progressive forces need to learn the lessons of history and stand strong against Trump’s intervention agenda in Latin America, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

THIS week marks the republication of a 2008 pamphlet by Richard Gott entitled The US War on Democracy in Latin America, which I have written the introduction for.

In three concise chapters Gott explains how United States intervention in Latin America has taken “many forms… appearing in different disguises… sometimes diplomatic persuasion… sometimes economic pressure… and on occasion military invasion.”
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We desperately need a Corbyn-led government to transform Britain – I will continue to work to this end

As you would have no doubt read by now, after much consideration, I have decided to resign from the Labour Party.

The ongoing issues around my suspension from the Labour Party have become a distraction from the key political issue of our time – which is to replace a Tory government overseeing falling living standards and spiralling poverty, while starving our schools and the NHS of the vital resources they need.
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Millions need a Labour government that will transform Britain

KEN LIVINGSTONE writes on why the key political issue of our time is to end to the human catastrophe that is Tory austerity.

As Morning Star readers will no doubt have read, after much consideration I decided with great sadness to resign from the Labour Party this week.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Morning Star readers and thousands of others who have sent supportive messages and shared my social media posts this week to help ensure that hundreds of thousands of people have directly seen my reasons for taking this difficult decision.
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