David Attenborough is right warning our extinction is on the horizon

Our children’s generation is going to have to reduce their carbon emissions by 90 percent if we want to avoid being the first species in history to document its own extinction.

Last week, zoologist, environmentalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough went global across the media when speaking at the International Monetary Fund, warning that on present trends part of the world would soon become uninhabitable and mass migrations would transform the world.
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People and planet need a socialist Labour government

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is part of the new, socialist, international movement against climate change, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

THE extreme contrast between the Tory and Labour responses to the inspiring recent school student strikes on the need to urgently tackle climate change was a stark example of how different the priorities of the two parties are.

The Tories have totally failed in this area, as the latest greenhouse gas emissions figures clearly show.
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The UK is the most deeply flawed democracy in the West

For two and a half years, the British people were promised that we were leaving the European Union on March 29. But we’re still there.

Theresa May’s government suffered another humiliating defeat last Friday when for the third time Parliament rejected her deeply flawed exit deal with the EU.

In all my life I have never seen our Parliament in such a state of chaos. Every single proposal about leaving the EU has been rejected by the majority of MPs, not just Theresa May’s deal, but all the alternatives that were put forward last week.
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