Stand together against Trump – a man who hates our planet

We need maximum opposition to Trump’s state visit next week to build a movement to save the environment, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

With Donald Trump coming here on a state visit next week, it’s worth restating just what a threat to humanity he is.

In particular, it is important to raise how his stance on two issues — climate change and nuclear weapons — illustrates clearly how reactionary and dangerous his presidency is to us all.
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The coup in Honduras – ten years on

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE recently marched through the streets of the capital of Honduras demanding the resignation of right wing President Juan Orlando Hernández and an investigation of him.

The protestors, from Movimiento Indignados (Indignant Movement), said in a statement, “We demand the immediate removal of Juan Orlando Hernández from the post he is currently usurping, as well as an urgent investigation of him and his family circle and political associates.”

The opposition says Hernández, a conservative backed by the United States, was illegitimately re-elected in a November 2017 vote marred by delays and alleged fraud.
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Bolivia’s democracy is a thorn in the US’s side

US intervention against the left-wing government is intensifying ahead of presidential elections in October, says KEN LIVINGSTONE.

As Bolivia goes to the polls in October with left-wing President Evo Morales as the front-runner, there is growing concern that the Trump administration’s hostility towards Morales is significantly intensifying.

The US has made no secret of its deep antagonism to Morales, dating back to before his successful presidential election victory in 2005, when he won with an absolute majority — the first in Bolivia for 40 years.
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No more Pinochets in Latin America

US military intervention in Venezuela is still very much on the cards following this week’s failed coup attempt, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

Tuesday this week saw a failed right-wing coup attempt in Venezuela, which was heavily backed by the Trump administration and its allies, including Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who tweeted 30 messages expressing his desire to see Venezuela’s elected president deposed.

International law seems to matter very little indeed to the US government as it yet again publicly expressed support for a coup attempt against the constitutional government of Venezuela.
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