Labour’s new report could kickstart a green industrial revolution

Only Labour has a plan to tackle the climate emergency — we need a Corbyn-led government for both people and planet, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

THIS week Labour published a report by a group of independent energy industry experts, academics and others.

The result is an ambitious set of 30 recommendations that crucially set out the next immediate and urgent steps that Britain needs to take to be on track to decarbonise.
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No to Trump’s war threats and blockades

We must all come together in solidarity against Trump’s interventions in Latin America and the Caribbean, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

I’m pleased to be speaking at the upcoming annual Latin America Conference. This is a highlight of the progressive calendar here in Britain, and a vital event to support socialist parties, workers, trade unions and progressive movements in Latin America who are standing up to both neoliberalism and hostility from the Trump administration, and standing together for a better world.
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