To no avail, Trump ramps up pressure for ‘regime change’ in Nicaragua

Despite ‘the Donald’ and the CIA being on quite a roll in Latin and Central America, they have failed to squash Sandinista leader President Daniel Ortega, whose left-wing party are overcoming US sanctions to achieve significant poll leads, reports KEN LIVINGSTONE

THE US is renewing its attack on the elected government of Nicaragua by imposing yet more sanctions, coupled with new draft congressional legislation aiming to secure “regime change.”

This drive of sanctions against Nicaragua dates back to December 2018 when Trump signed into law the “Nica Act” (Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act), over two years after the draft legislation was first approved by the US House of Representatives in September 2016.
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Buy more nukes? People and health should come first

The government should wash its hands of Trident and put resources into our health and security, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

WITH the ongoing coronavirus crisis, these are frightening times for millions of people here in Britain and around the world.

It is important to note that pandemics have been designated as tier-one threats to our security for many years.

Successive national-security risk assessments have rightly identified such human-health crises as worthy of the highest level of concern and planning, so why has Britain seemingly found itself unprepared for this crisis?
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