The risk of climate catastrophe must not be forgotten

With Trump seeking to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, we need to keep up the pressure for real action on global warming, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

JUST weeks before Boris Johnson failed to take the strong lead and measures necessary in responding to the coronavirus crisis, he went missing as floods devastated communities across Britain.

The fact that many on the hard right deny the need for real action to tackle climate change does not alter the fact that the increasingly regular and severe floods here — alongside extreme events across the globe such as the Amazon and Australian fires — are clear examples of a deepening climate emergency that needs to be addressed urgently in the period ahead.
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US ramps up pressure on Venezuela amid coronavirus pandemic

Instead of offering help, Trump has threatened to increase sanctions on the country unless Maduro resigns, reports KEN LIVINGSTONE

AS STATES around the world struggle to tackle to coronavirus pandemic, Venezuela’s efforts to protect its population are being severely jeopardised by Trump’s aggressive tactics which have been ramped up over the past few weeks.

Trump’s strengthening of illegal US sanctions against Venezuela since 2017 — creating an economic blockade of the type employed against Cuba since the 1960s — have undoubtedly weakened its health infrastructure by cutting deeply into its oil revenues and its capacity to import key medical supplies and equipment.
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