There’s no money for universal credit — but there is for more nuclear weapons?

At this point where the Tories are claiming funds are low, we must highlight the ridiculous £200 billion they plan to waste on renewing and expanding our sick missile programme, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

AS the government ploughs on with yet another dangerous and reckless misstep in its haphazard and callous approach to the pandemic, one trend is becoming crystal clear: that working people and those already hit hard by a decade of austerity will be expected to pay the price.
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US blockade of Cuba is a crime against humanity

Joe Biden must not be let off the hook as his electoral promise to abandon Trump’s hostility has come to naught, argues KEN LIVINGSTONE

COUNTRIES around the world have again demanded at the United Nations that the United States lift the blockade of Cuba that it has been imposing since 1962.

On June 23 2021 in the 29th vote at the UN general assembly on the issue of the US blockade, 184 countries supported the Cuban resolution calling for its end.
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