Truss and Sunak both will punish the poorest

The Tory leadership contest is a reactionary race to the bottom, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

BRITISH politics all too often produces a race to the bottom, and there can be fewer better examples than the Conservative Party’s current leadership election.

If nothing else, the tone of the contest is proving true to the agenda that has run through their tenure in government: making the majority pay for the greed of the class that funds them, rolling back our hard-won rights, spreading division and siding with reaction across the world.
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Centrica and Shell’s obscene profits are a line in the sand

Bumper profits for energy giants while millions are in fuel poverty shows the system is broken — it is clearly time to renationalise these industries and we must support all those who are fighting for this goal, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

HIS WEEK it was announced that Shell made record profits of nearly £10 billion between April and June and promised to give shareholders payouts worth £6.5bn.

It made adjusted profits of £9.5bn during the second quarter of the year, beating its previous high — set only between January and March earlier this year — by 26 per cent.
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