More and more people know why they must back Palestinian rights

Tory attempts to ban ‘boycott, disinvestment and sanctions’ are part of decades of refusing to support international law when it comes to Palestinian rights writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

IN MY autobiography, I recount how while travelling in the 1960s in Algeria — and before I was politically active or a member of the Labour Party — we went to a local Palestine Liberation Centre.

At the time, I did not know that the Palestinians had been driven off their land in the Nakba, or about how many of them then (as they are now) were in refugee camps.
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Hugo Chavez 25 years on

With the 25th anniversary of his first election approaching this year, KEN LIVINGSTONE writes on the achievements and legacy of an important figure in Latin America’s history

I HAVE written in the Morning Star before on when Hugo Chavez visited London and my later visit to Venezuela.

Now — at this time of great neoliberal crisis, the decline of the US empire and a new “left wave” in Latin America, the upcoming 25th anniversary of his first election towards the end of the year is an opportunity for both the left and Latin America solidarity campaigners to again reflect on his continuing relevance and significance today.
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