Labour can win under Corbyn’s leadership

JEREMY CORBYN has only been Labour leader for just over 100 days but he has already delivered significant change in how politics is conducted and in the direction of travel of the party.

It would be easy, in the light of the froth and noise of controversies, to lose sight of just how profound the change has already been.

Let’s take for example the Tory U-turn on tax credits following their defeat in the House of Lords.
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In just a few weeks, Corbyn has already brought significant change to Labour

It has been a terrible week for the Tories, and a very good one for the opposition.

The Tories expected to write a script for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour: incompetence and extremism. Yet as they review the wreckage of their week of tax credits chaos they must surely know this is not going to plan. They are now more out of touch with the British people than the unelected House of Lords.
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