The ‘Rich List’ illustrates the staggering level of inequality in the Tories’ rigged economy

With the publication of the ‘Rich List’ this week we learnt that the wealth of the top ten richest couples in the country has gone up by £3.4bn.

The 20 richest Britons alone are now worth £192bn – this is more than will be spent on health and education combined this year.

This isn’t a new development. It’s a long term trend, where their total wealth from 2005 to 2015 has more than doubled.
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Britain’s poorest need a Labour government

News earlier this week that up to three million children risk going hungry during school holidays in Britain, the fifth-richest economy, are an appalling Tory testimony, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE.

Two pieces of news earlier this week showed yet again why we need change in Britain and the sheer scale of poverty and desperation under the Tories’ seven years of austerity, which is ruining our public services, squeezing the living standards for the majority and driving millions of people including children into destitution.
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Tory policies have created this housing crisis – but there is an alternative

Today, Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Housing Minister John Healey pledged a Labour Government would build a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million council homes, as part of Labour’s public investment strategy for a better Britain.

Such an approach is exactly what we need to tackle the housing crisis, boost economic growth and win votes for Labour.

Labour’s alternative in this area could not be more needed – figures from autumn 2016 showed levels of affordable homes for social rent had fallen to the lowest level since records began.
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Economic difficulties ahead are why May has rushed to the polls

If you want to know why Theresa May has rushed into calling a General Election, despite repeatedly saying she wouldn’t do so, then the reasons were perfectly summed up by journalist Kevin Maguire on Twitter this week when he wrote the panic is because “Brexit will be a nightmare and living standards will be squeezed by prices rising faster than wages.”

More broadly speaking, fundamental economic factors facing Britain mean that the difficulties we are currently seeing in different areas of our economy are set to deepen.
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Corbyn’s Labour has the antidote to Tory economic doom

An array of policies that will significantly improve the lives of ordinary people are the best reason to trust Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, argues KEN LIVINGSTONE.

The Tory government, dutifully echoed by the majority of the media, never tires of telling us how rosy the picture looks for the economy but recent data — including regarding GDP — shows the opposite and reveals that the outlook for the economy is deteriorating.

The Tories are taking Britain backwards and the reality of seven years of economic failure becomes clearer by the day — the economy remains in a crisis and now the indications are that it is going to get worse leading to a sharpening cost-of-living crisis for millions of people.
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Labour members should be free to criticise Israel

KEN LIVINGSTONE explains why his Labour membership should be restored this week.

TODAY, the Labour Party is considering whether to expel me or not, having suspended my membership 11 months ago in April 2016.

I have been charged with breaking the rules of the Labour Party, because I stand up and defend supporters of Palestinian human rights when they are smeared by their opponents.

Supporters of Israel’s policies, in particular, are calling on the Labour Party to expel me.
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I have fought racism and anti-Semitism all my political life

This week the Labour Party is considering whether to expel me or not, having suspended my membership eleven months ago. I first joined Labour in March 1969 – I have served it as a member, councillor, GLC member, MP, Mayor of London and NEC member.

In that time, I have been proud of my record as an anti-racist and leading campaigner against the far-right and their hate.

Racism is a uniquely reactionary ideology, used to justify the greatest crimes in history.
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London Will Not Be Divided

I watched the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s response to this Wednesday’s horrific terrorist attack at Westminster and not only did it remind me so much of the horrific 7/7 attacks in London twelve years ago when I was Mayor, but also the amazing response of ordinary Londoners of all colours and creeds.

The spirit of unity we have seen since the attack has shown again that we are a great city and that we are not going to be divided by the terrorists.
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Ken Livingstone remarks on the death of Martin McGuinness

This is a very sad loss.

As leader of the GLC and then Mayor of London, I worked with Martin and people from all parties who wanted to bring about dialogue and a peace process in Ireland.

Martin played a key role in bringing about the Good Friday Agreement – an example of a peace process which has been learnt from throughout the world.

As Deputy First Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly he then tirelessly worked for peace and reconciliation.
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The Budget showed the Tories have no idea how to get Britain out of the hole they’ve dug

KEN LIVINGSTONE slams a government taking us off a precipice with no parachute.

“TORY Britain in 2017: NHS crisis, social care nightmare, school budgets cut for first time since ’90s, cuts to disabled and riots in our prisons.”

This was how shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s tweet summed up austerity Britain on the eve of the recent Budget.

He could have added that 3,000 people use foodbanks each day and that over 4,000 people sleep rough each night.
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