Twenty years on from Iraq don’t forget Bush and Blair’s crimes

KEN LIVINGSTONE salutes the millions who marched against the war and looks back at how the London mayor’s office was able to aid the movement even as the Westminster government carried out its bloody invasion

IN my time as leader of the Greater London Council (GLC) and mayor of London, I had many occasions to be proud of the majority of ordinary Londoners, who again and again showed much better judgement on key political and social issues of the day than our political (mis-)leaders in Westminster.
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When London welcomed Chavez

ONE of the things I will always remember from my time as mayor of London was the close political relationship we managed to build with Hugo Chavez, the then president of Venezuela, who so tragically passed away 10 years ago in March 2013.

Many readers will no doubt remember when in 2006 Chavez visited London. During his visit he addressed the TUC, a packed meeting of MPs in Parliament and a huge public rally, where he gave an extensive outline of his views on how to create a better world.
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