Why is Trump now ramping up his attacks on Nicaragua?

Sanctions and even interventions against the small Latin American nation are part of a pattern of desperation from an ailing US empire, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

A LEAKED document revealed by Nicaragua’s independent “Radio La Primerisima” has shown that the Trump administration is accelerating its plans — illegal under international law — to enforce “regime change” in Nicaragua.

The 14-page plan produced by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) sets out how it expects a contractor to achieve or support a change in government that will be favourable to US interests.
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Washington threatens countries for receiving medical aid from Cuba

Cuban humanitarianism deserves admiration and respect, not sanctions and smears, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

ONE of the most astonishing expressions of reactionary “Trumpite” politics during the global coronavirus crisis took place recently when three hard-right Republican senators — Ted Cruz, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio — introduced a Bill which calls for sanctions against countries which work with Cuban medical brigades.

Amazingly, it also seeks to classify Cuban medical brigades as victims of human trafficking.
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Spend it on the people, not war

It is time to invest in our future not nukes and weapons of war, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

AT the end of March, the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres called for a global ceasefire, saying the war on the coronavirus was the only war we should be fighting at this time of the global pandemic.

Part of his reasoning was that this would help countries focus resources towards fighting Covid-19 rather than on extravagant military spending.
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The Tories are complicit in Trump’s illegal ‘regime change’ agenda in Venezuela

The activities of the secret Venezuela Reconstruction Unit show the British government is entirely subservient to Washington’s priorities in Latin America, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

THE Westminster government’s “special relationship” with the US was again demonstrated last week as that of a lapdog obeying its master while hoping for a few crumbs from the table.

Specifically, on June 9 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) revealed that the secret Venezuela Reconstruction Unit had not only had contact with Juan Guaido, the self-declared “interim president” of Venezuela and failed coup leader, and his representative in London but had also visited Venezuela and met other Venezuelans.
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The UK is trying to meddle in Latin America once more

KEN LIVINGSTONE writes on British complicity in Trump’s regime change agenda

RECENT revelations of a “Venezuela Reconstruction Unit” in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office show that once again Britain’s Conservative government is falling into line with US foreign policy and acting as Trump’s poodles on the world stage.

The unit’s stated aims are to “co-ordinate a British approach to international efforts to respond to the dire economic and humanitarian situation in Venezuela.”
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Coup regime represses dissent and endangers Bolivian lives

Six months on from the anti-socialist coup against Evo Morales, we need to keep up our solidarity with the people of Bolivia, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

WE recently marked six months since the military coup that removed Bolivia’s elected President, Evo Morales, from office. With the coronavirus crisis reaching the country, Bolivians continue to suffer violent repression and savage austerity measures under an illegitimate regime, which is now putting lives in danger through its response to the pandemic.
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Don’t forget to drop the debt

Now is the perfect time to highlight and confront the systems of neocolonial exploitation of developing countries by unjust loans — and we can fight the fight here in Britain, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

THE international coronavirus pandemic has shown more than ever how both in society here in Britain and in terms of different countries and continents all over the globe, we are more intertwined that ever.

In this situation, there are two possible responses.
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The risk of climate catastrophe must not be forgotten

With Trump seeking to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, we need to keep up the pressure for real action on global warming, writes KEN LIVINGSTONE

JUST weeks before Boris Johnson failed to take the strong lead and measures necessary in responding to the coronavirus crisis, he went missing as floods devastated communities across Britain.

The fact that many on the hard right deny the need for real action to tackle climate change does not alter the fact that the increasingly regular and severe floods here — alongside extreme events across the globe such as the Amazon and Australian fires — are clear examples of a deepening climate emergency that needs to be addressed urgently in the period ahead.
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US ramps up pressure on Venezuela amid coronavirus pandemic

Instead of offering help, Trump has threatened to increase sanctions on the country unless Maduro resigns, reports KEN LIVINGSTONE

AS STATES around the world struggle to tackle to coronavirus pandemic, Venezuela’s efforts to protect its population are being severely jeopardised by Trump’s aggressive tactics which have been ramped up over the past few weeks.

Trump’s strengthening of illegal US sanctions against Venezuela since 2017 — creating an economic blockade of the type employed against Cuba since the 1960s — have undoubtedly weakened its health infrastructure by cutting deeply into its oil revenues and its capacity to import key medical supplies and equipment.
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To no avail, Trump ramps up pressure for ‘regime change’ in Nicaragua

Despite ‘the Donald’ and the CIA being on quite a roll in Latin and Central America, they have failed to squash Sandinista leader President Daniel Ortega, whose left-wing party are overcoming US sanctions to achieve significant poll leads, reports KEN LIVINGSTONE

THE US is renewing its attack on the elected government of Nicaragua by imposing yet more sanctions, coupled with new draft congressional legislation aiming to secure “regime change.”

This drive of sanctions against Nicaragua dates back to December 2018 when Trump signed into law the “Nica Act” (Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act), over two years after the draft legislation was first approved by the US House of Representatives in September 2016.
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